At Awak'n, we're dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential by offering products that promote relaxation and calmness. Our journey began with a two-year quest to source the finest calming compounds from around the world. During this process, we discovered the benefits of Phytocann BP, a cannabis-free cannabinoid, and used it to create products that would help people stay centered throughout the day.

To bring our vision to life, we invested in our own manufacturing equipment and developed our products from scratch. This allowed us to ensure that our Awak'n Calm Mints and Oral Drops are made with only the highest quality ingredients and meet our rigorous standards for effectiveness and safety. We're proud to say that our unique range of functional mints and oral drops are made and developed in Christchurch New Zealand. We hope you enjoy our products. We also have energy and focus mints available here 

Thanks for supporting our business, we appreciate it.

Simon and the Awak'n team